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Topological Photonic Quasicrystals:

Fractal Topological Spectrum and Protected Transport

M.A. Bandres, M.C. Rechtsman, M. Segev

Phys. Rev. X, 6 (2016)

Accelerating BeamsAccelerating beam propagation

Accelerating beams have the unusual ability to propagate along a parabolic trajectory while preserving their amplitude shape.

Photonic LatticesSU(1,1) photinic Lattice

Light propagation in waveguide lattices provide a versatile platform upon which one can observe a host of processes.

Paraxial Groupparaxial propagation

The propagation of any paraxial beam through a misaligned ABCD optical system can be obtained if its free-space propagation is known.

Nondiffractive BeamsNondiffractive Beam propagation

Nondiffractive beams preserve their transverse intensity distribution during propagation.

Ince-Gauss BeamsInce Gauss Beam

We discovered theoretically and experimentally the third family of eigenmodes of stable laser resonators.

Classical BilliardsParabolic Billiard

Rays of light in resonators behave like particles in classical billiards. The classification of these classical trajectories allows us to characterize beams of light.